Monday, September 7, 2009

The World According to Me.

Jackhammer Anyone?

My husband and I watched Sunshine Cleaning – a very enjoyable black comedy featuring Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, the luminous Alan Arkin, and a little kid who looks just like my nephew. The movie was well worth watching, but my husband pointed out something interesting.

He said lately, in movies and in TV series, he’s noticed that if the director wants to show an example of a guy behaving like an A-hole, he shoots a sex scene with the man pistoning himself into the heroine. Eeeew…and ouch! It’s kind of like watching a human jack-hammer. Unpleasant. There’s a scene like that in Sunshine Cleaning between Emily Blunt’s character and her boyfriend. I’ve seen the exact same thing in True Blood. I’ve read these kinds of scenes in romance novels where the hero rams himself into the heroine.

My husband asked me, because I’m the expert you know – Do guys really do this and do women actually like it? In my experience, because once again, I am the expert, some guys may do it but women aren’t usually into a repeat performance. I guess it’s an easy out for a director and script writer – a plot device designed to show that a guy is an insensitive boor or, just maybe, it’s the script writer’s personal wet dream.

I think women like good kissers. If a guy takes the time to become a good kisser, chances are he takes his time with other things too. And yeah, occasionally we like it down and dirty, but breaking up concrete sex? Rarely.

In other news – I am so pissed at the makers of True Blood. To repeat an episode?!? That’s two in one season! What? You don’t have the money or the screen writers to write a complete season? Yeah…sure…it was my favorite episode of the second season, but c’mon…the past three weeks have been mega-disappointments! I plan to start watching Sons of Anarchy to get my excitement/sex/violence fix!


  1. Oooh Sons of Anarchy!!! I watched a couple episodes of that. Very good. I liked the second season of True Blood but DAMN, they needed MORE of it! What a ridiculously short season and now we have to wait until next summer???

    Ummm. Pistoning sex. I think it might be okay to try on occasion but the sensual stuff/slow loving is the best.

  2. Ridiculously short season is right! I need more True Blood sans Maryann. Just the basics. Sookie, Jason, Sam, Bill, Eric and Pam and I'm happy. Oh yeah, and give me more Hoyt and Jessica. Sons of Anarchy looks interesting...
    I'm not into men as jackhammers.

  3. Think about it, the director spared the audience many pointless minutes of sad dialog to tell us "Jack Hammer" is a selfish jerk. Within thirty seconds the audience knows he's not thinking of anyone but himself. The body language and the woman's reaction say it all. It is a time saver.

  4. Kat, you are so right! I didn't look at it that way - I just saw it as sort of a dismissive comment on the male sex in pounding...woman bored. It may be a time saver and speak volumes in thirty seconds, but I think my husband feels insulted!

  5. You little devil, you! Watching hot TV when you should be working...working...working...

    Since I don't watch TV at all, I have NO iodea what you all are talking about. Especially if it's on cable. I can't afford cable. I use my TV for watching DVD's and VHS tapes of movies I love. Okay! Stop with the fruit throwing! I'm going...I'm going...

  6. Cable is pretty dang good these days, Fran. Some very hot stuff! Weeds. Battlestar Galactica. True Blood. Big Love. apparently Sons of Anarchy. Mad Men. I mean...really...gotta love it and I watch on DVD a lot of the time. But I can watch and write at the same time.