Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wish I Had Some!!!

Like...um...new releases???

I got nuthin' until next year so I'm working and trying to remain patient. Patience is soooo not my virtue! I'm a Do it! Do it now! kinda girl. In the meantime, I'm working on the third book of Daughters of Persephone, Reborn, for Resplendence - a quarter of the way through, and waiting, impatiently, to hear about two submissions to other publishing houses - reminding myself that it takes submissions editors more than two days to reply.
To pass the time, since I'm missing True Blood - boy was that season short! - I'm watching Sons of Anarchy, which is a pretty damn cool show, The Big Bang Theory - very funny and I'm a total nerd so I know exactly what the characters are talking about - you should see my old comic book collection! And I'm thinking of maybe starting Big Love and Mad Men from the beginning - I've never seen either of them since I don't watch much TV other than the above and I've heard both those shows are amazing.
I'm in the middle of my yearly re-read of Shogun, Dune, Jane Eyre and Little Women - been doing this since I was eighteen - my four favorite all-time books.
Wondering what everyone else does in their off hours...


  1. Dang! I thought editors replied in two days too. :) I have no patience either, so I can relate. Just think before long you'll have lots of new releases and who knows we might be complaining we don't have anything new coming out!

  2. I'm having True Blood withdrawals too.I highly recommend Big Love and I've just started watching Dexter...WICKED! I've also been checking out SOns of Anarchy. Looks really goooood.

    Like you I'm so impatient. At this point I have two more books scheduled for this year but I must get cracking!

  3. Hey Regina, thanks for the pics of Eric. Oh, he is soooooo sizzling hot! And being complicated just makes him that much sweeter!
    Amber - haha! I doubt it!