Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Damn This Story!

Why Am I Not In Bed???

I'm turning into my friend and fellow author, Fran Lee...up at all hours. This is not me! I swear! It's this damn story. I fall asleep and then wake up two hours later with the next chapter in my head and I have to get out of bed and write it down, even when I'm too tired to spell correctly and my vision is all blurred and...and...and...

Wow. I'm rambling. I really am tired. I like my current group of characters so much that even my husband is getting into them. We've been role playing big time, which is kinda weird since he doesn't usually read my stuff until I'm totally finished but he's very involved with the hero's tale. He keeps asking himself - okay, if I was in his place, what would I do? Which in turn leads me in interesting directions. Just came downstairs after one role-play which was, quite frankly, hella fun!

Back to the story! Night all.


  1. YAY Julia. I remember a time when you thought your muse had defeated you. So glad you proved it wrong. Go kick some butt woman!

  2. My muse would have to wait. Sleep first. ;)

  3. My parrot woke me up early this morning. He can imitate my husbands alarm watch. And he won't quit doing it until I get out of bed. Arrrrggghhh!
    Hey Amber - it wasn't my muse, it was my circumstances - way better now! Thanks for your support!

  4. This is the BEST thing. I'm so glad your husband is there to bounce ideas with. Brainstorming with someone else really helps! Hope you get some sleep soon though.

  5. Yeah, Regina, he's a honey. He gave me some pretty funny ideas!