Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frowning Today.

Really Pissed Off!

Someone tossed a plastic container of sharp steel sewing needles into the back of my car where my German shepherd was waiting while I shopped for groceries!

Hey, they weren't there when I put him in the car...but they were sure all over the back when I came out to load my bags of food. Fortunately, he's an extremely bright dog and he's not going to eat a bunch of needles, but I was pretty dang upset. I picked up what I could find, then drove home and cleaned out the entire car.

On hot days, we all - at least we better - leave the windows in the car partway open if the dog is in the back. My dog loves to run errands with me and I don't intend to stop taking him, but c'mon! What kind of nasty person would do this? I guess I'm lucky that was all this person did. From now on, I'm parking my car as close to the store as I can get.


  1. Oh that pisses me off. They could have hurt the dog. Grrrr. Big Hugs

  2. What a friggin' jerk! I would report that incident to the manager of the store in case others have the same thing happen. The person might do that to a dog who loves to chew.

  3. You know, you're right. I told a cop friend of mine but I didn't think to tell the store manager. I will do that today. Hey Fran, you get my call? I love Dictated by Fate! Yummy!

  4. Now I guess we know why England has all those cameras posted in public areas. To catch jerks like this.
    Here's to hoping the next dog bites his sorry ass.

  5. Who does shit like that? Even if he didn't eat them, he might have stepped on one.

    What's completely horrifying is someone had to have planned hurting someone's dog. Who carries about that many needles with them just for fun? No, this is someone who is escalating. Likely they enjoy hurting animals and next will be a hands on approach with another small creature. Best to get the bastard now.

    Does the supermarket have surveillance?

  6. Yes, Mia - they have a camera but I had parked quite a ways away from the camera so I could keep the car in the shade - it gets hot out here in September! ICAM. I can't even express how strongly I feel about people who are cruel to animals and you know it generalizes to people.