Monday, August 31, 2009


True Blood is bordering on....

losing me in just two episodes. OMG! I'm a huge True Blood fan and I cannot for a single minute believe I just admitted that! But after a brilliant and unforgettably sexy first season, the second season seems to have lost its way. I'm so sick of watching Maryann and all the naked, bloody, muddy insanity surrounding her, I'm about ready to cut out someone's heart myself! Tara and Eggs? Honey, my eggs are so overcooked they are like rubber. Last week's episode was bad enough - they shorted me fifteen minutes! Jason was great, yeah, Jason is always a trip, but after the brilliance of Godric and Eric and Sookie and the Fellowship of the Sun, to return to the All-Maryann...All The Time channel??? I was bored. to. tears.

Where to start? First of all, I want to bitchslap Bill all the way back to the Civil War! Talk about passive and unsexy! Get off your damn ass and do something! Remember Jessica, the teen vamp you made who hasn't eaten in six days? Hello?

Second, after the intensity we witnessed between Sookie and Eric in Dallas, to watch Eric's bland reaction to Sam's request for assistance burned me. Maryann has set up camp in Sookie's house. Eric now knows Maryann is the creature that nearly killed Sookie. At least Eric would want to one-up Bill and play the hero, besides, he'd know there was something wrong.

Three, the Queen of Louisiana -- Yahtzee anyone? ROTFLMAO! How can I take this character seriously? Unlike Loreena, there is nothing threatening about her. Nothing wise in her like Godric. She doesn't even seem particularly sophisticated, aside from her 'dayroom.' Unlike Godric, she not only looks like a child, she acts like one. A spoiled, debauched, obnoxious child. Now I'm clear on the fact that True Blood does not follow the books religiously. I'm okay with that...but things seem to be straying pretty far afield.

The worst is Sookie. Last night, she may quite possibly have joined the ranks of romance heroines known as TSTL. Too Stupid To Live. Yeah...there's this monster who tried to kill me before and she can do it again and she's holed up in my house with the entire town under her hypnotic control but I'm gonna walk right in there and get my house back all by my little lonesome because Lafeyette is really gonna be able to shoot her in the head. Drop IQ points much?

So, I still love me some Jason and Lafeyette. Andy is hilarioius. Sam's hanging in there. Bring back the real Bill back and I want Eric naked. Hoyt and Jessica are a trip. And give Pam some decent material to work with. She can be a great character and I want more of her. I'm sick of Tara, Eggs, Tara's mother, Maryann and all the town crazies. Above all, will somebody please find Sookie's brain and return it to her? I want to continue to love this show!


  1. I'm with you on Bill for sure. No balls and I'm ready to bitch-slap him. Hated Queen Sophie Ann and what a let down after the regal Godrick. And yes, I wanted more reaction from Eric to things. Maybe we'll finally see it in the last episode.

    But Jason, Jason, Jason...Oh boy! Love me some Jason this season. We haven't even seen him NAKEY this season and I love him even more. Do find it interesting WHO is getting the funky black eyes and who isn't? Ummm...could Andy be a supernatural?

  2. Yeah, I'm also wondering if they'll go that way with Andy. It wouldn't bother me. I agree with you that Jason has been the one to watch the past few episodes. The Eric, Sookie, Godric triangle was amazing, must-see-TV, but the past two episodes have lost me. I'm so glad you found the Queen annoying! Thought I was the only one. I don't care if the writers stray from the books, but the Queen was nothing like she is in the story and I missed her manipulative, soul-less vampire companion and best friend. Maybe he'll show up later. I realize Eric has no love for shifters, but his disinterested response to Sam's request really floored me. Above all, Eric wants to beat out Bill for Sookie's attention.

  3. I just began watching the first season. Lafayette is the deep accented dirty Markymark guy right? Love him. He's my favorite character in the whole thing. Sad to hear season two sucks. I guess I'll stop watching after the first season.

  4. Mia, Season Two doesn't suck - there are moments of sheer brilliance. Just some of it sucks! Lafeyette is still around so...Bill sorta gets emasculated and there's too much Maryann going on. But Jason continues to be the most marvelous fuck up. Jessica and Hoyt are wonderful together. Eric gets things up and running with Sookie...three episodes ago I was in heaven. The past two have been very disappointing, aside from Jason and Andy and Lafeyette.

  5. You know, I think they are just trying to deal with Mary Ann at this point and I'm anxious to see what they do with the finale. I'm with you...It doesn't suck at all. Actually the writing is pretty brilliant. Totally brilliant and innovative. I just DID NOT like the Sophie Ann portrayal. She comes off like a bored ingenue.

  6. Regina - you so nailed it - a bored ingenue. Absolutely. That describes her perfectly and the character is nothing like that in the books.

  7. Okay, season two still a go. Jason is fantastic as an idiot. Loved the episode where he downs a vile of trublood for the stiffy of a lifetime. I saw the commentary of that episode and was amazed at the behind the scenes detail.

  8. Oh, poor dumb as dirt, Jason! I just adore him though. He's such a lost soul, looking for direction and not smart enough to know what to do with himself. Honestly? How many people do we know who are just like that? I love how Bill gave him 'backup' to be a man and take some control of his life.

    Jessica and Hoyt have been such a wonderful diversion from all the other mayhem, too. Sweet couple, so cute.

  9. And all of the above is exactly why I don't watch series created from books. I love Charlaine Harris' series. I suspect I would hate the TV series.