Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Have a New Story!

My Best Stories Come in the Dark
(No Double Entendre Intended!)

Last night, I found myself unable to sleep. I tossed and turned and bugged my husband, went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal since carbs supposedly make you drowsy - nothing. I had too many story ideas running around in my head, pushing and shoving like little kids trying to be the first in line!

I'm don't sleep long hours, but I do try to get six to seven hours of sleep a night - which is tough because I'm a light sleeper in the best of times. I just think a good night's sleep is important for your physical and mental health and well-being. However, sometimes I have no choice but to give in to the voices in my head and haul my ass out of bed and write. At least I get the first paragraph down and maybe a working title so I can find the document again when I'm ready.

Last night I refused to give in - big mistake. I managed to get maybe three interrupted hours of sleep. Annoying.

There is one other place where story ideas occur to me - it's almost better because I'm wide awake - when I hike, something I do everyday, rain or shine, early morning, late evening. For me there is nothing better than the smells of the forest, the different intensity of colors as I leave the trees and head into the sunlight, my heavy breathing and straining muscles on a steep hill, looking and listening for wildlife - nature is great for clearing the head of extraneous nonsense and clarifying the direction my characters plan to take.

I brought my computer today so I can do what I should have done last night - give in!


  1. Great! So what is the story about? Give us the details. LOL

  2. Oh no...I will never spill! Let's just say it's a paranormal comedy and if I go ahead with this, I need to get permission from real people to use them as characters. That will be the number one hurdle!

  3. Does the phrase, "the names have been changed to protect the innocent" mean anything?
    I'm the same way. Can't sleep if the chattering gets too loud. But my big hurdle is running. I'll come up with all these great ideas... or figure out how to work a scene and just the right thing to say... then I get home and can't remember a bloody thing, lol.
    Hope it all comes together for you.

  4. Good suggestion, Kris, but I need the real names so I have to figure out a way to discuss the story idea with the people/potential characters. We shall see...
    Yeah, you can't carry a computer when you're running!

  5. Fantastic! We shall except several new books before the end of the year, then.

  6. Mia - just finished one last night, but I don't know where to send's different. I've got two with Resplendence right now and working on two more for them. Plus a couple other WIP, so....

  7. Yes, for me, there's something about being outside and stirs me. I'm not a nature girl or anything, far from it, but sitting out on my pation among the flowers and hummingbirds manages to stir my imagination.

  8. I would love to hike..but I would have to drive 20 miles to find a place I could do that. LOL!