Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh. My. Gawd.


It never goes all the way right. In Baltimore, helping my daughter set up her first apartment. The city is very cool, by the way - totally New Englandish with lots of trees. Can't see much for the trees. Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and as recent studies have indicated, the drivers are considerate, especially when the nav-system in your rental car is dyslexic and says right when it means left and left when it means right!

We've been hitting the second hand stores, Goodwill and Target and we've been waiting for the moving company to get her furniture and boxes out here - they were expected yesterday or today at the very...very latest. Of course, after calling multiple times because I hadn't heard a thing from the movers and no one returned my messages, I finally learned that the driver is, oh, I don't know, in New Mexico, and he was told that we didn't need the stuff until the 31st!

So I'm sitting on the floor in her apartment - we had to quickly get some linen, towels, all the things we were expecting today, and we'll be sharing a cheap mattress on the floor. It's an adventure! I'm just sorry she'll have to take off work the first week of her new job to meet the moving truck - which is why we planned very meticulously for everything to arrive this week.

Ah well...on a lighter note, I have a freebie accepted with Resplendence Publishing, part of what will become a larger erotic work - The Dream Series - The Artist. Can't wait!


  1. Sorry about all the troubles waiting for your daughters things to arrive. Congrats on the free read!

  2. Congrats! on the free read!!! As for the move...haven't had one go right yet. And that's with 41 moves under my belt.