Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heading to the East Coast

I'll Miss My Baby!

Lots going on, helping my daughter move to her new job on the East Coast so things have been absolutely nuts! She's lucky tho, one of the few kids in her graduating class to get a job - she interviewed last March and was offered the job in April...

So, busy, busy, busy! Trying to find time for my Work In Progress and all the other things that come with writing. All I can say is, life is always a trip!


  1. I'm so happy she found a good job but sorry she'll be so far away from you. Things will settle down in a bit hopefully, and you can get back to your writing.

  2. Thanks Regina - I'm coming to see you sometime in the next year!!!

  3. Congratulations Julia, on a terrific review for "MY Everything" from the Romance Studio. Great job!
    XXOO Kat